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SIALCO complete solutions and services for industrial applications



valves, check valves, control valves, electric actuated valves, mounting joints, penstocks, static mixers, valves and pieces from plastic materials

centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, progressive cavity pumps, pumping stations, mixers, munchers

dosing pumps, preparation and dosing equipment, chorine gas dosing, chlore dioxide dosing, electro-chlorination

gearmotors, servomotors, frequency inverters, control units, industrial gears, special SEW Eurodrive softs

We know that when you build something it is important to have serious and competent partners.
We offer, with our experience and competence, solutions, products and services for the beneficiaries working in the industrial field (water, energy, oil and gas, process industries, various other industries).

We offer technical solutions and we build them into practice through delivered products, technical consulting, specific design, assembly and commissioning, service and maintenance, training of users or other groups of specialists.

For over 25 years we have been supporting these activities by offering products from the most important producers in the respective fields, bringing to Romania the quality of the most modern products and technologies from two main fields:

For hydraulic applications: valves, check valves, control valves and penstocks TALIS – ERHARD, BELGICAST, BAYARD, PERSTA, PEKOS, FLOWSERVE, HORA, plastic valves and fittings PRAHER, valves with electric actuators AUMA, pumps with progressive cavities, munchers NOV-MONO, centrifugal pumps, pump sets, mixer metering pumps, chemical solution preparation and dosing installations (aluminum sulphate, lime milk, polyelectrolyte, activated carbon, ferric chloride, aluminum sulphate, etc.), chlorine gas, dioxide dosing installations chlorine and electrolyzers from GRUNDFOS

For movement applications in industrial equipment and systems: gearmotors, servomotors, frequency inverters, industrial gearmotors, equipment for specific automations and motion automation systems, SEW EURODRIVE

We are the representatives in Romania of these partners benefiting from the advantages of our integration in their global sales and services network and in the Grundfos network of distributors

Due to modern and high performance products we have the ability to meet the needs of various applications, offering a concrete solution and, where appropriate, extended to a key project integrator.

Partners we represent in Romania:

FLOWSERVE (valves division), HORA, KOSO PARCOL, MONO Pumps-NOV,




TALIS – ERHARD – vane, clapete de retinere, robinete de reglaj, compensatoare, stavile | BELGICAST – robinete, clapete de retinere, compensatoare de montaj | BAYARD – reductoare de presiune | PERSTA – robinete cu sertar, cu ventil, clapete de retinere pentru proces | PEKOS – robinete cu bila, cu 2, 3 sau 4 cai, robinete criogenice pentru proces | FLOWSERVE – robinete de reglaj, actionari electrice si pneumatice, pozitionere | HORA – robinete de reglaj pentru aplicatiile din energetica | PRAHER – robinete, conducte si armaturi din materiale plastice | AUMA – robinete cu actionari electrice AUMA | MONO – pompe cu cavitate progresiva, tocatoare, gratare rotative | GRUNDFOS – pompe, mixere, pompe dozatoare, instalatii de preparare si dozare

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