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Our range of products, equipment and systems cover most important applications
in all industrial fields.


Headrace, pumping station, treatment, purification, water and sewage networks

Aplicatii sialco APA supape suprapresiune

Among the application for which we offer and reasise sollutions there are:
 complete chlorine gas dosing systems – SIALCO
 fully automated storage, preparation and dosing chemical solution systems (aluminium sulphate, lime milk, active carbon powder, polyelectrolite, acids, ferric chlorure etc) – SIALCO
 complete installation for storage, preparation and dosing of chlorine dioxide – SIALCO
 storage, preparation and dosing hypochlorite by electrolysis – SIALCO
 electrical control valves for pressure and water flow, valves with electrical actuator AUMA
 closing and control system with penstocks, stop logs and check valve – SIALCO
 automatic pumping station


Power plant, thermal power plant, hydroelectric plant, nuclear plant, cogeneration

Aplicatii Sialco in ENERGIE

The most popular applications for which we offer and realise concrete solutions there are:
  special control valves for power industry process: boiler feed water tank, high pressure pump protection, anti-cavitation, condensation, AC, turbine by-pass – SIALCO
 process pumping stations with automation panels
 auxilliary equipment for the turbine: cooling, lubrication, airation, epuisment, bosster system – SIALCO
 complete systems of valves and penstocks for hydropower and power plants
 water treatment process: preparation and dosing lime milk, acids solutions – SIALCO
 conveying systems with industrial gear motors and frequency inverter
 installation with valves with electrical actuators AUMA – SIALCO


Extraction, peocess, transport and storage for oil and natural gas

Aplicatii Sialco PETROL si Gaze

The offered and realised solutions for process apllication there are:
 control valves for natural gas storage farm distribution facility and for gas transport pipeline hubs
 frequency inverters, servomotors and gearmotors for refineries – SIALCO
 dosing pumps and dosing installation for petrochemical process – SIALCO
 progressive cavity pumps for chemical and petrochemical industry – SIALCO
 isolating and control valves electrical and pneumatical actuated with potentiometer
 regulating valves with electrical actuator AUMA for storage tanks


chemical, metallurgy, cars, building materials, pulp and paper, food, environment protection


In the most diverse industrial applications we can offer and realise solutions for:
 gearmotors, frequency inverters for conveyor belts, lifting equipment, transport equipment
 frequency inverters, servomotors for automatic technological lines in car, cement, rubber, wood, other industries
 progressive cavity pumps for paper, cement, rubber, food industries
 pumps, valves installations for corrosive media
 dosing installation for chemical solutions in process technology
 pumping systems for industrial applications

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