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Technical consultancy for creating optimal solutions


We provide technical consultancy for all supplied products and equipment, and for main applications solutions:
 motorization and automation of conveyor belts with frequency inverters and gearmotors lifting equipment, robotics and control facilities
pumping stations, dosing systems, control and isolation valves, including control panels, measuring instruments, tanks and other ancillary equipment
specific equipment and installation for treatment plants and sewage plants


Implementation design for equipment installation

SIALCO servicii proiectare

We provide design and design support for implementation of products and equipment installations, so the technological solutions will bring with them maximum benefits from the products we offer:
 valves systems, valves with electrical actuator AUMA, non-return valves and control valves, centrifugal pumping stations, pumps for viscous liquids
preparation and dosing equipments for chemical solutions, automation
dimensioning and assembling in electrical installations of the industrial gearmotors, inverters and gearboxes


Technical assistance for assembling and commissioning

SIALCO asistenta tehnica la instalare

We offer, on request, technical assistance and commissioning for all delivered equipment and systems:
 sub-assemblies with gear motors, frequency inverters and servomotors SEW Eurodrive
 centrifugal pumping systems, submersible pumps, double suction pumps, progressive cavity pumps for viscous liquids
chlorine dosing systems or chemical solutions and their auxiliary equipment
valves with electrical actuator AUMA, control valves with electrical actuator AUMA, pneumatical actuator


Actual assembling and commissioning

SIALCO servicii montaj

Our teams of professionals are prepared for the assembling of products, equipment and installations we deliver, their testing and commissioning:
 storage facilities and chlorine dosage, preparation and dosing chlorine dioxide systems , hypochlorite, activated carbon, aluminum sulphate, polyelectrolyte, neutralizing toxic gas installations
commissioning for control valves, for valves with electrical actuator AUMA, positioners, electric actuators, pneumatic actuators.
commissioning for progressive cavity pumps, munchers with control panel and specific safety devices


production of metering assemblies and control pannels

SIALCO servicii

We offer complete equipment and systems, including their automation. That is why we offer all necessary auxiliary equipment:
 dosing tanks, auxiliary chlorine dosing systems, measurement and control, neutralization systems, storage and transport
electric actuated control and isolation valves, with electrical actuator AUMA, with control pannels and necessary communication system
pumping stations with electrical control panel


Warranty and post warranty services

Sialco service

We offer complete warranty and post warranty services for all delivered goods, equipment and systems:
 for centrifugal pumps, progressive cavity pumps, hygienic pumps, dosing pumps
for gearmotor, frequency inverter, actuator, industrial gear SEW Eurodrive
valves with electrical actuator AUMA


Maintenance contracts for equipment and installation

SIALCO servicii de mentenanta

As some of the solutions, products and installations require scheduled maintenance actions on a periodical basis, we offer the option for such maintenance contracts for our beneficiaries:
 for chlorine dosing systems, dosing and preparation of chlorine dioxide, aluminum sulphate, active carbon powder, polielectrolit, preparation facilities for hypochlorite by electrolysis etc.
for systems with SEW Eurodrive equipments (gear-motors, inverters, servomotors)
diaphragm piston dosing pumps, centrifugal pumps and progressive cavity pumps


End users training for technical equipment and utilization

SIALCO scolarizare SEW

All equipment and systems supplied may be accompanied by training for designers or staff interested to learn about their correct use and maintenance:
 training for designers on products and their technical and functional characteristics
training for using frequency inverters, servomotors and gearmotors- SEW Eurodrive
training for commissioning or, periodically, for equipment requiring regular maintenance scheduled task ( chlorine dosage systems, preparation and dosing chemical solutions)

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